What have you been putting off...let's get it done
 The Time to ACT is NOW... Get IT Done in 7 Days
 The 7 Day 
Win The Day Challenge
This is a 7 day PERSONAL GROWTH journey to help you get a quick win under your belt and crush that goal you've been putting off.  
Join our Private Facebook Group for encouragement and accountability with others just like you to turbo charge your actions and celebrate your WINS and successes.
Access To Private Community
Each day you'll receive a worksheet to assist you with the completion of ONE THING that will MOVE you in the direction of getting IT done. It's not enough to KNOW - You have to DO something.
Daily Tasks and Worksheets
Each day you'll receive a LIVE teaching or video on HOW to take foundational steps with proven principles and strategies to get you UNSTUCK and reach your goal with success.
Daily Coaching & Inspiration
Receive the following support and resources to help you #win
During this 7-Day Challenge You'll
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Join now or miss out on 7 Power Packed Days of Empowerment to finally get it done!
Do you have a burning idea or ministry that you know you need to get out and share with others but need motivation, encouragement and guidance? Well, I suggest you join the 7 day Challenge with Coach Jacqui. These sessions will help to activate your mission that just needs to be birthed.    
V. Williams
K. Grant
“I have REALLY enjoyed being coached by you. Your method is quick fire and simplistic and it always yields the best results. I am so looking forward to investing in more of your programs. Thank you" 
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